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Graphic design and photography are never as serving as in fundraising. Just that accent in that text, or that one feeling in the picture. If fundraising is in your blood, we listen carefully to your question. And we adapt our design to your target group!


Our office

GDandP is housed in one of the coolest buildings in Leiden. In a former factory we’ve got a  brand new office. With enough space for playing around, making awesome designs, brainstorming about concepts and photoshoots. 

Where they sorted the postmail back to 1988 is our office. A breeding ground for all creative excesses! Want to visit us? 

Just call +31 6 307 440 83


Designers & photographers
The permanent team consists of Ivo Veldhuizen and Sabrina van Duijn. Photographers and graphic designers in heart and soul. Sabrina finds nothing to go crazy and thinks of the most bizarre ideas while Ivo keeps his legs on the ground and goes for perfection!


A flexible team
This team is composed per assignment. Whether we need an artisanal signpainter, a passionate printer or perfectionist project planner, we have a perfect network of nice people.

Job Offers

Do you’ve got some skills you have to show us? Just send us an email and if they’re spectaculair enough you can show them!

We’re always open for the coolest, nicest student designers, who preferably have experience with playing Super Mario Bros.


You want to brand an awesome product or service? And do you want us to pay a tribute to your brand? Feel free to reach out to us.


Meelfabriekplein 2d
2312 LK Leiden
The Netherlands



TEL  +31 (0)6 307 440 83