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Bright colors or dark and raw. A photo reflects the identity of the sender. Not only what is on the picture, but also the style of photography tells the story. Millions of images flash past us. By communicating consistently, the viewer will recognize the sender. Choose, evolve, grow and stream color. Together we choose the right style, we devise a plan and tell the whole visual story, in photography and design! So that you have perfectly usable communication tools in the end!

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Very clever for every company, photography and graphic design under one roof. Fast, no noise on the line and no translation required between the designer and photographer, because they’ve got the same working method. With one goal in mind. To tell the right story, YOURS! You’ve got a striking brand, label with courage or you are an inspiring entrepreneur! Your product or service is well-organised, and know which message you want to convey. But not yet how. We think of this ‘how’ together, an approach, an image, a creative execution, in short; a bright story within a concept of photography and design.
GDandP – Graphic Design and Photography
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GDandP is housed in one of the coolest buildings in Leiden. A beautiful area with a rich past. The Meelfabriek was one of the largest flourfactorys in the Netherlands after World War II. Where once the workers processed the flour, a hotel will soon be built. With a lot more in the making. Where they sorted the postmail back to 1988 is our office. A breeding ground for all creative excesses! Want to visit us? Just call +31 6 307 440 83
Photography branding. Images for digital and print usage, in the desired formats and execution. Such as; a portrait scaled photo for a large magazine page, one with space for text, or a landscape shot for the header on social media. So you always have the right material! >>
Artistic tributes to the finest brands. A professionally recognizable appearance for your company. Within your reach by professional graphic designers and photographers! So you’ll have media-transcending visualization and communication, which is multi-deployable. >>
A solid identity represents your core values. Which supports the photographs and vice versa. You know exactly what you do and excel in it, this is what you have to show the world, GDandP visualizes this! A real ode to your work. Show online, shout in print or even from the rooftops!>>


You want to brand an awesome product or service? And do you want us to pay a tribute to your brand? Feel free to reach out to us.


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TEL  +31 (0)6 307 440 83