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The art of fundraising


Graphic design and photography are never as serving as in fundraising. Just that accent in that text, or that one feeling in the picture. If fundraising is in your blood, we listen carefully to your question. And we adapt our design to your target group!

Non-profit organizations often communicate about delicate things. You do not want to be ‘flashy or shiny’, just subtle, professional and thorough. Standing out and not always wanting to scream. For you, we can capture that tone, in photography and graphic design. Together we can make people aware of your story or question. Let’s get people thinking again, shake them up a bit or call them awake.
For now we hope keep up the good work!
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Graphic design & photography for :
Non profit organisations

Make people give more!

Off course we want the earth to be a better place. We want to people to care more for every living thing on this planet, people, animals, plants and every other living microbe! So lovely people in the world, unite and give a bit more.
GDandP – Graphic Design and Photography
Let’s communicate together with:
Magazines, newsletters, prospectmailings, campaigns, photoshoots and many more!
We already worked with: KNCV Tuberculosefonds, Keystone consultancy (Leger des Heils, Donkey Sanctuary, Emerge Kinderfonds), LUMC and more.


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